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Notable Reviews from Previous Productions

Jersey Boys- MTC

Cockroft plays a cool and dangerously charming Devito… [He] underscores the role with charm, wit, and bravado. Top it off with a phenomenal voice and stylish execution of the choreography, and it’s a recipe for a stellar performance.

-Kiersten Bjork (CT Critics Circle)

The quartet assembled at MTC simply could not be better… Frankie Valli is ably supported by the charismatic Nathan Cockroft… Tommy’s serious gambling problem and debt to mobsters [is] dealt with as seriously as a musical can and it helps in grounding the show with a deeper reality.

-Tom Holehan (CT Critics Circle)

The main performers are outstanding interpreters of the people they portray... They do not imitate the characters. They channel their souls… There is integrity and authenticity in this production… Despite their unsavory past, there is a likeability about DeVito and Massi, as played by Cockroft and Petrovich.

-Sherry Shameer Cohen (Broadway World)

Nathan Cockroft as the older ringleader and guitarist Tommy DeVito plays the role with believable swagger, confidence, and arrogance.

-Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta (Luxury Experience)

As Tommy, Nathan Cockroft has the least sympathetic role. Tommy wants to be the man in control but fails due to his inability to control his temper, his womanizing, and his gambling…. Cockroft makes the most of his womanizing reputation by flirting with a few audience members.

-Karen Isaacs (Berkshire Fine Arts)


As Roxie’s ethically challenged attorney Billy Flynn (a suitably slick Nathan Cockroft) later demonstrates: Control the narrative and you control the outcome… [Then,] “We Both Reached for the Gun,” in which Roxie, perched on her fast-talking lawyer Billy Flynn’s knee, plays dummy to Flynn’s ventriloquist. It’s a tricky scene requiring razor-sharp reactions — and Kavanagh and Cockroft nailed it.

-Julie Comins Pickrell (Aspen Times)

The It Girl

It was easy to see he was talented - immediately connecting with the audience, worked well with his fellow cast members and great comedic timing. Then an amazing moment happened: Cockroft sang his first song… I did not expect that voice to come out of him. The smoothness, quality, tone, the way it radiated through the theatre - everything about it was a voice I could listen to over and over again.

-Katie Laban (BroadwayWorld)


Nathan Cockroft, who transitions among roles as French Taunter, Sir Lancelot, Knight of Ni and Tim the Enchanter, brings down the house as the insouciant French guy guarding the tower as King Arthur attempts to gain access… Cockroft is a master of unspoken comedy using the human face and gestures.

-David Reese (Bigfork Eagle)


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